Project Description

Scryber PDF Generator is the open source library for quickly creating dynamic PDF documents with style.This project holds the source for the guides and examples


If you have not yet downloded the scryber libraries then you can do so here

Source code samples

The documentation includes a number of examples and we will be adding each complete solution to this project so that
  1. If you are lazy - there's no typing required
  2. If you have errrors you can compare
  3. So we can follow along and make sure they actually work.

Read Me

The ReadMe.pdf included with the scryber deployment takes you through creating your first PDF file.
And then extending this to download an rss feed, include the content on a PDF and then adding some style to that document.
You should eventually end up with something like this....


The full solution for VS 2010 is in both VSS and the release on the downloads page.

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